Recover all Virtual PC or Hyper V Files

Hyper-V Recovery Software

Premier Application to Repair Corrupted / Damaged Hyper-V Files and Extract Data From It

Supported by all Windows 10 and Below Versions, Virtual PC/Server Files

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Hyper-V recovery software is one of the best solutions to restore data from corrupted or damaged Hyper-V files. It enables users to regain back permanently lost and formatted data from the virtual hard drives. There is no file size limitation associated with tool to repair virtual server file with it.

Main Features of Hyper V Recovery Tool

  • Successful Hyper-V recovery with all its corresponding data
  • Supports fixed as well as dynamic type of corrupted Hyper-V files
  • Two different intensive scanning modes : Quick and Advanced
  • Preview the extracted files and folders retrieved after scanning
  • Give support for all file systems like NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, etc.
  • Simple click solution to fix all error messages related to virtual server files
  • Provides raw scanning to tackle with MBR file corruption issues
  • Extract and save recovered file in same format as the original one
  • Works with Hyper-V file / partition of any size without the error concern
  • Supports Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, virtual server, Virtual PC virtual server

Demo Version

The Hyper-V recovery software is available with demo version for free that works same as the licensed one. But, there is one constraint with this edition that users will not be able to save files after the recovery. Apart from this, rest functionality of the product is identical for evaluation or testing purpose.

Some Useful and User Friendly Advantages of Hyper V Recovery

Smooth and Complete Hyper-V File Recovery

The Hyper-V repair tool product for Windows operating system enables users to restore the virtual server file data with all items like video, images, audio, archive, database, etc. It recovers data with 100% accuracy and saves it on the user-defined location without changing the original form of it.

Triple Modes of Scanning Hyper-V Disk

The tool benefits users with various partition scanning options to repair corrupted Hyper-V files. Quick mode is offered to tackle with less corrupted virtual server files and Advance scanning is designed to deal with damaged or severely corrupted files. Besides all this, the application also offers Raw scan operation for the resolution of MBR partition corruption in Hyper-V file.

Save the Recovered Data From virtual server File

Hyper-V recovery tool provides a useful option of saving the recovered data on local machine. The extracted files and folders can be saved on PC by using the ‘Save’ option. Entire data with all associated meta properties will be saved in same format and styling as it was before the corruption. Also, users can check only those folder that they want to save.

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Program Name:
Hyper V Recovery Software
File size:
1.3 MB
System Requirements:
5 MB Free Space, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor
Operating System
Windows 10 and Below Versions
99 US Dollar
No, the application does not support batch file processing. You have to repair virtual server Hyper-V file one-by-one with help of this software.
A “Red Cross” in Hyper-V recovery tool denotes the extracted data, which was damaged either due to corruption or deletion.
Yes, if the recovery application is prompting this error statement then, check that the source file is having virtual server files extension. If the extension doesn’t belongs to Hyper-V then, change it into its file format.

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Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Client Testimonials

Angelica Grant, Florida

"I am grateful to the development team of Hyper-V recovery tool for coming up with such an excellent application for fixing corrupt virtual server files. The attractive part of the product is that it does not requires any high technical skills to work with it. Even a novice user can utilize the application without any prior knowledge"

Crystal Weber, Massachusetts

"I came across this product through the organic searching. It fixed all my damaged virtual server Hyper-V files. Before this software, I tried many products but, none of them restored the files and folders exactly the way I wanted. Then, I learned about Raw scanning feature of this product and finally my search came to a successful and satisfactory end."