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Migrate Emails From OLK14Message Files to EML Format

(Supports Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 ,2007 (both 32 and 64 Bit Versions)

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OLK14Message to EML converter tool is designed to transfer the bulk of Mac Outlook OLK14message file to EML successfully in different platforms. The converter can easily convert multiple files at a time and no file size limitation during export OLK message file to EML on Windows platform. Moreover, this application provides two facilities such as Naming convention and Date based filter during the conversion procedure. However, the tool gives advanced categories to export .olk file based on categories like mails and calendars. In addition, OLK14Message to EML converter has compatible with Windows 10 and below versions.

Descriptive Features of OLK14Message to EML Converter

  • Convert bulk of Mac Outlook OLK14 and OLK15 Emails to .eml format at once
  • Easily Transfer unlimited number of OLK14message to EML
  • Facility of Date based filter while Exporting files from OLK to EML
  • Maintains folder hierarchy during Export of OLK files
  • Tool allows naming convention to save Outlook Mac OLK15 to .eml
  • The software also supports Windows 10 and all its below versions.

Demo Version

This application is fully free of cost, thus, many users are able to use this trial version. According to this free version, users can export only 25 mail items to EML format.

Scenario to Convert OLK14message to EML File

Now, consider a scenario, which helps to understand the conversion more clearly:

"Yesterday, I have to specify the date range of the email message while exporting the OLK files to .eml format. Please suggest me any software, which provides date filter facility that during the conversion process?"

Need For olk14message Converter in EML

Many users want to move from Windows Operating system to Mac platform and they have to export more than one OLK files in EML type successfully. With the help of such utility, it will get simple and easy for users to transfer a batch of olk14message files to EML format easily without any hassle. The tool provides one more facility is that Date based Filter to perform the selective conversion procedure. Also, maintains the originality of the data while migrating olk14message data into .eml. The best part of this utility is that easily to export olk14message files in EML at once without any file size restriction.

Why Is It Globally Accepted?

After considering a scenario, users have to design an amazing tool for converting more than one olk14 file to .eml type efficiently. However, this application has gained worldwide popularity of migrating all the emails in bulk.

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Program Name:
OLK Converter
File size:
30 MB
System Requirements:
512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System
Win 2000, Win 7 x32, Win 7 x64, Win 98, Win Server, Win Vista, Win Vista x64, WinXP, Win 8, 8.1, Win 10 x64 and x32
Pre Requirements:
Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
69 US Dollar
Yes, the tool can easily transfer one or more OLK files to EML format without any difficulty.
Yes, this tool gives a facility to choose a naming pattern. Also, users allow transferring OLK files by the subject of the desired message in the proper way using this advanced feature.
Yes, bulk conversion is possible by using this OLK14message to EML converter.
Yes, this application can easily export multiple OLK14message files to EML file format at once.
Yes, this software migrate olk15 message file into EML format.

Mac OLK to EML Converter

MAC OLK to EML Converter

Convert MAC OLK14 and OLK 15 Message to EML Format

This application successfully runs on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above

Average User Rating : client review(4 Reviews)

MAC OLK to EML converter allows a user to move all OLK files from Mac based system to EML files. It can perform a bulk conversion in few minutes. Also, with date based filters and advanced naming convention option you can select and rename EML files during the export process. Moreover, with easy and Mac compatible user interface the eml file conversion can be performed in seconds

Step by Step Features of Mac OLK to EML converter

  • Export multiple files from Mac OLK to individual EML files
  • Conversion of Bulk OLK files to EML extension
  • Mantain folder structures and hierarchy while trasfering .olk files
  • Emails can be filtered using date based filter option
  • Naming Convention feature allow renaming of files during export process
  • Supports OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5
  • Also compatable with Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3

Demo Version

This Demo version of Mac OLK is free of cost and allow a user to migrate 25 OLK Emails to EML files. User can use this trial version to test compatibility of OLK files and MAC OS

Requirement of Mac OLK to EML Converter

At Present, Many OS users are migrating towards Mac applications for personalized services and platforms. Also, Mac users are provided with better security and user dedicated services. Industries are also making softwares for both Mac and another operating system.

Need For Mac OLK to EML Converter

Considering users priority this software is compatible with all Mac based operating system. The specially build Mac OLK to EML converter allow user to migrate all emails from OLK files to EML based email client that not only allow them to migrate Mac OLK Emails but also perform various functions similar to other OS applications

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Program Name:
MAC OLK to EML Converter
File size:
25 MB
System Requirements:
50 MB free Space and Outlook for Mac 2011 / 2016 Installed, Java development kit 1.8.0_101
Operating System
OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above
69 US Dollar
Yes, this software support OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above
Yes, you can migrate all OLK files to EML at once. The software's bulk migration facility allows a user to move all email data easily.
Yes, user can rename EML files converted from OLK files using Naming convention option

Customer Satisfaction


Client Testimonials

Celia Sparks, US
"OLK14message to EML Converter is an outstanding tool, which can export more than one .olk files in .eml at once without any data loss. This tool has various facilities including date based filter, naming convention, and retain data integrity during conversion. I must say it is the best utility that migrates all OLK emails to EML without any restriction.Thanks a lot for giving us a wonderful conversion tool."

Edward Copeland, US
"The best part I liked about this OLK14message to EML converter is date based filter which helps to convert Mac OLK files in .eml format. Especially, this tool is very user-friendly, reliable and having commendable features for the conversion. I heartily want to appreciate the software developers who had created such type of an amazing solution. Thanks a lot! "