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DBX Viewer

How to View DBX Files Without Outlook Express?

(Supports all versions Outlook Express 4.0, 5.0, 5.01, 5.5,6.0)

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DBX Viewer application can be a suitable platform to view the Outlook Express DBX files. This application is easy for installation and execution and needs no expertise's help to run the tool. The tool is perfect utility, if your need is to view DBX files without Outlook Express application installed in the system.

Highlighted Features of The Tool

  • This application supports DBX files of all the versions of Outlook Express applications.
  • Also viewing complete emails along with the attributes of the emails.
  • The tool also capable to view attachments of emails and other Meta data.
  • The software comes without any investment and can be installed in any version of Windows.
  • The tool allows to read and view multiple DBX files.
  • Support Windows OS: The application supports Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 and all below versions.

Trial Version

The trial version of The tool can previewing only 25 items per folder.

Emailing has become an integral part of everyone's professional as well personal life and users find it difficult to choose the right emailing platforms for them. This happens while choosing the desktop email clients as well. Right choice of features, facilities, and other lineaments according to the Operating Systems and environment are the primary concerns for every user. But changing email client from one to another email client can put many users in email inaccessibility issues. Same happened when an old email client Outlook Express was replaced by MS Outlook application. Once a leading email client, Outlook Express was soon replaced by millions of users to MS Outlook email application. But this leads to more troubles, as the old emails are completely inaccessible in new email client. In that case if user wants to view DBX files without Outlook Express application, it will not be possible.

Differences in Storage Files of Different Email Clients

Different email clients have different storage file formats and this restricts users to access email files in any other email client or in the absence of respective email client. Likewise, in the absence of Outlook Express email client, DBX files cannot be accessed. Moreover this DBX files can be only imported to some selective email clients that too only when Outlook Express email application is installed on the same machine. Otherwise, the files cannot be imported and unfortunately no other email client stores the emails in DBX files or similar type of email files. This means that there are no manual modes to view the emails of OE DBX files.

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