Analyze Log Reports of an NTFS Partition System with NTFS Log Tracker

NTFS is a proprietary file system put forth by Microsoft. It is a circular log which consists of details regarding all file operations. Sometimes when an employee leaves the company, he tries to modify details of the File partition system for concealing important company related information. Now in such type of situation how can we get into details of what kind of modification he has done to file system or what are the hidden files on system?

A Solution to Ease Your Concerns

Well, you can take the help of a third-party solution like NTFS Log Analyzer which can help you track down all activities that was performed by the employee. You can view the activities associated with file date wise. Further, one can get complete information regarding when the file was created and when it was modified by the user. Extending its scalability, the product even allows to view the hidden files that were created on system. That’s not the end of this wonderful utility. Some more excellent features are embedded in it to make it compliant for suiting the requirements of wide variety of users. Let’s have a look on it.


Notable Features of NTFS Log Tracker

Scan, Load & Preview of NTFS File System: The application scans and loads all the items of NTFS drives that is present within a system. You will get a complete preview of each file regarding file name, modified date, created date, & the date it was last accessed.

Search Filters within Scanned Results: you have an option to search any particular file or folder from the scanned results. Select the items on which you want to find out information by setting a date range details between “From” and “To”.

Displays and Exports Log report: After performing the search action, you will get a complete view of the file regarding all its basic details. Further you can export this log file in CSV file format and save it in a desired location on the system. And it’s completely free...