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Opens and Reads SQLite Files from SQLite Database in Windows

Supports all Windows Platform and SQL Lite database file format

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SQLite viewer is a useful tool that helps users reading SQLite database files. It is capable of repairing corrupt database files and show them later. This application supports a number of database file formats like .sqlite, .db, .sqlite3, and .db3. It is supported by Windows 10 and all below versions.

Detailed Features of SQLite Viewer

  • Allows search and view SQLite database files
  • Completely previews SQLite database tables
  • Shows records of Deleted files in a different tab
  • Has ability to process SQLite database of any size
  • Permits Corrupt SQLite database files scan and view
  • Sorts data files into categories with separate colors
  • Provides HEX View option for database examination
  • Can add and view multiple database files in single pane
  • Supports database file formats .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3
  • Works as SQLite Journal viewer by showing Journal Files
  • Analyzes SQLite database files of Windows programs and Android applications


With the Demo version of this software, all items of a SQLite database can be scanned. It will also repair the corrupt files and show it to users.

Highlighted Features of SQLite Viewer

Recovers Corrupt Database File

The most useful feature of this software is that it can be used for SQLite database recovery. It identifies corrupt files by reading the database line by line. Then it repairs those files and shows the preview to the users. So, users can read both good and corrupt database files with this tool.

Supports Multiple File Types

Different types of files are saved in an SQLite database. This program supports file extensions like .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3 used by multiple platforms like Sqlite, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. No matter in whichever format the data is stored in your SQLite database, this application can scan and view them.

Views SQLite Journal File Data

To hold the data temporarily, SQLite uses Journal files. This software works as SQLite database browser to investigate details from journal file related to SQLite database. Then it shows preview of the findings to its users.

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Program Name:
SQLite Viewer Tool
File size:
13.6 MB
System Requirements:
512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, 25 MB Free Space
Operating System
Windows 10 and Below Platforms
Yes, This tool allows you to preview the files of a SQLite database. To preview, follow these steps.
  1. Open SQLite Viewer in your system.
  2. Click Add Files and proceed to select SQLite database or journal files.
  3. Browse SQLite database files from the folder
  4. Click Add button again to view database files that you selected
  5. This Program will now show you the preview of selected files.
With the help of this tool, even corrupt SQLite database can be viewed. It can scan every line of SQLite database and has the ability to show you preview of recovered SQLite database.
There is no maximum file size limit for this SQLite database viewer. Any size of SQLite database can be read and scanned by this application.

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Client Testimonials

James Gordon, New Jersey, US

"I tried a number of SQLite viewer/ editor to open some SQLite database files. Due to the corruption of some database files, those tools failed to read the entire database. Finally, I learned about SQLite Viewer from my sister. I decided to give it a try. It successfully repaired all the corrupt files from database and opened them for me. I am happy to find this tool that really solved my SQLite database problem."

Hasan Zarif, Canada

"When my company handed over a 500 GB SQLite database to me and asked to find out certain information from that database, I was completely at loss. I could not find any program that can process such a large sized SQLite database. Luckily, I came across SQLite Viewer. I am glad that it could process that huge database without any glitch. Finally, I was successful in finding out necessary information with the help of this software."