View all VHDX File Data

VHDX Viewer Tool

Tool facilitates to open and displays Hyper-V VHDX files

(Supports all Windows Version and Also Support Fat 32 and NTFS File System and Fixed and Dynamic GPT Partition)

Average User Rating : Client Review(4 Reviews)

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The tool allows the user to open and preview VHDX file. The file that cannot be opened on different virtual machines can be opened using this tool. Even corrupted and permanently deleted VHDX file can also be previewed.

Advanced Features of VHDX Viewer Tool

  • VHDX Viewer enables the user to open and explore VHDX file
  • Preview both type of partitions: FAT 32 and NTFS file system
  • Software helps to view both single and multiple partition VHDX file
  • Corrupted VHDX file can also be opened using this software
  • Supports GPT partition style for fixed and dynamic VHDX file
  • Opens VHDX file that cannot be opened even by virtual machine
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and all other below versions
  • Tools allows the user to open hard deleted Hyper-V VHDX file


The demo version allows the user to preview the content of VHDX file.

Prominent features of VHDX Reader

Data Integrity is maintained

When any VHDX file is viewed using this tool, there are no modifications. The file viewed from this tool is exactly same as original one. Not even a single bit is altered regarding format, style and content of the file.

View deleted and corrupted VHDX file

The tool allows the user to view corrupted or damaged VHDX file. Not only this, the permanently deleted data can also be viewed using this tool. Files are previewed easily and content of the file can be explored effectively.

No restriction on file size is imposed

No file size limitation is imposed by this VHDX file viewer. User can view any VHDX file irrespective of the size. Both FAT 32 and NTFS file system can be viewed and that too, without any size limitation.

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Program Name:
VHDX Viewer
File size:
7.8 MB
System Requirements:
512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, Minimum 20 MB Space
Operating System
All Windows Versions
Free(99 US Dollar for Pro Version)
Yes, the tool facilitates the user to view Corrupted VHDX file. Even hard deleted files can also be viewed and opened.
Yes, the files that cannot be opened from any virtual machine can be opened with the help of this VHDX Viewer.
The VHDX Viewer is compatible with both type of file system: FAT 32 and NTFS. But, the tool only supports GPT partition style.

View All VHD File Data

VHD Viewer Tool

Proficient Solution to Open, View & Explore Different Type of VHD File

Supports Fat 32 and NTFS File System and Fixed and Dynamic GPT Partition in All Windows Versions

Average User Rating : client review(4 Reviews)

The VHD File Opener software is designed with such high-tech algorithm that it can easily open and view corrupt, dismounted, and offline VHD file without any trouble. Moreover, it is reliable to approach to open Windows Backup, Hyper-V and disk management VHD file. The software can easily be installed or run any version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Basic Details of VHD Viewer Application

  • Free solution to open and explore corrupted, dismounted and offline VHD files
  • Capable to read permanently deleted files and folder items automatically.
  • Facilitate users to read both single and multiple partitioned virtual hard disk
  • Renders support for GPT Partition style also for fixed and dynamic VHD Files
  • Provides an easy way to open, view and read Windows backup VHD file
  • Capable enough to open and preview VHD file content in the tool interface
  • Capable to open and view Windows Backup Files i.e. FAT 32 and NTFS partitions
  • Allows users to open and read VHD file created from failed Virtual Machine also
  • Does not impose any file size limitation, a user can browse any size VHD file
  • Compatible to open and explore VHD file of Hyper-V and disk management


A user can easily download and install the VHD Viewer Freeware from the official website and view any number of VHD file without any trouble.

Remarkable Features of VHD File Opener Software

Preview Deleted Items of VHD File

The VHD Viewer software is programmed in such a manner that it allows users to open and view permanently deleted items also from the loaded VHD files on the software panel. In addition, all extracted items are highlighted with a red color that is easily visible to the users without any confusion.

Open VHD Files Causing Errors

Another plus point of using this free VHD file Opener software is that it has the ability to open and view those files that show errors, for example, VHD files are corrupted and not readable, failed to open 'C:\ vhddir \MyVHD11.vhd', cannot attach VHD virtual machine, etc. However, the user will be able to open and view VHD files of such type with all data without any hassle.

Capable to Open All Type of VHD File

The best part of this free VHD File Reader software is that it has no file size limitation, one can browse any size VHD file to view. It is a standalone application and capable to open all type of VHD files i.e. fixed and dynamic. It supports VHD file from a various application such as Windows image backup, disk management, and Hyper-V.

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Program Name:
VHD Viewer
File size:
7.8 MB
System Requirements:
512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Processor, 20 MB Free Space
Operating System
Windows 10 and Below Versions
Free (For Pro Version: 99 US Dollar)
Yes, a user can easily view and explore permanently deleted items from VHD files. Moreover, the extracted data is highlighted in red color, so that a user can easily recognize it.
Yes, a user can easily install and run this application on any version of MS Windows, including Windows 10.
Yes, using this VHD Viewer software, a user can easily open damaged VHD file without any limitation.

Customer Satisfaction


Client Testimonials

Edgar Mathis, California

"I want to open VHDX file on virtual machine but, it was not opening. I tried to open it in various other virtual machines. I put so much efforts but, nothing worked. Then, while surfing through the net I came to know about best software for viewing VHDX file. I used it and the results were surprising. Really appreciating work by your development team. "

Lucy Bowen, Washington

"Excellent tool!! The best feature I liked about this product is it can open damaged and corrupted VHDX file. Even the permanently deleted data can be recovered. And the previewed file is exactly the same as original file. The features listed are so genuine. The product is designed according to the need to the user. Well done team"

Rebekah, USA

"I was having a damaged VHD file of Hyper-V, which I want to open and read. After a very long search, I came to know about this VHD Viewer tool. It helped in such an amazing way that I am definitely going to suggest it to my friends also. According to me, great effort was done by the developers in developing such a great utility. "

Kate Worth, Texas

"Thanks to the development team of the VHD Viewer software. I tried the application and I must say that it is one of the tools that I have used in my entire life till now. The GUI of the software is so simple and easy to use that I did not find any difficulty while using."